If you have been arrested for a sex crime, the reality of the matter is that sensitive aspects of your private life could be revealed in court for the media and in turn the world to know — and the consequences aren’t limited to social repercussions.  The mere fact that you have been charged could mean that you are already facing restraining orders and injunctions before you even appear in court, and if you are convicted, you could be fined with thousands of dollars and imprisoned for years or even decades.  You could also be forced to the join a publicly searchable sex offender registry.

The bottom line is that the charges you are facing can alter your life forever.  It is incredibly important that you take quick action to defend yourself.  To set up a completely confidential case evaluation, call the law offices of defense attorney Victor Knapp, Esq., right away at (718) 263-9000, any time of day or evening. 

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Victor Knapp: Queens Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer

Unfortunately for people who are facing these allegations, the truth is that sex crimes tend to elicit strong emotional responses and hasty judgments from others.  During this challenging and isolating time, you deserve to be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect, and your case deserves the benefit of a rigorous and comprehensive defense strategy.

Attorney Victor Knapp, Esq., is equipped with more than 33 years of practical experience handling diverse and complex charges related to sex crimes.  He has represented numerous clients in Queens and throughout New York City facing both misdemeanor and felony charges, and is committed to providing aggressive client advocacy regardless of the allegations at hand.  When you need the support of an experienced attorney who brings decades of knowledge to the table, call the law offices of Victor Knapp.

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Sex Crimes in New York

In New York, most sex offenses are handled by Article 130.  Exceptions include incest, which is classed as an “offense affecting the marital relationship” under Article 255, and sexual performance by a child, under Article 263.

Rape — Although rape is a felony, it is divided into three degrees.  Third and second degree rape can be charged based on the victim’s young age or lack of mental capacity to consent. First degree rape criminalizes sexual intercourse involving force, people who are rendered physically helpless, and children.  Depending on the degree, rape can be an E, D, or B felony.

Incest — New York law criminalizes sexual intercourse with people who are closely related to you.  Forcible sexual contact between family members can be charged as second or first degree incest.  Incest can be an E, D, or B felony.

Sexual Performance by a Child — The use of a child in a sexual performance, promoting a sexual performance by a child, and possessing a sexual performance by a child are all illegal under New York law.  These crimes can be graded as E, D, C, or B felonies.

Persistent Sexual Abuse — Repeat offenders of certain sex crimes including forcible touching can be charged with this offense.  It is a class E felony.

Sexual Abuse — At the lowest levels sexual abuse charges can be filed when a person subjects another to sexual conduct without their consent.  This can be a B or A misdemeanor, or a D felony.

Aggravated Sexual Abuse — Aggravated sexual abuse can be charged when a person forcibly, or due to physical helplessness, inserts a finger or foreign object into an orifice of another person. Aggravated sexual abuse can be an E, D, C, or B felony.

It should be noted that this is not a comprehensive list of all possible charges.

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New York Misdemeanor and Felony Penalties

The majority of sex crimes are classified as felonies.  Felony convictions can be penalized as follows:

  • Class E — Up to 4 years.
  • Class D —  Up to 7 years.
  • Class C — Up to 15 years, up to $15,000.
  • Class B — Up to 25 years, up to $30,000.

A few of these offenses, such as third degree sexual abuse, are graded as misdemeanors. Misdemeanors can be penalized with:

  • Class B — Up to 3 months, up to $500.
  • Class A — Up to 1 year, up to $1,000.

If You Have Been Arrested and Charged with a Sex Crime

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