Howard “Pappy” Mason


Howard “Pappy” Mason was an associate and alleged “enforcer” for Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols. He was initially and erroneously charged with participating in the murder of Queens Parole Officer Brian Rooney based on the theory that he and others either acted at the behest of Fat Cat Nichols or independently in the murder to either retaliate for Officer Rooney having violated Fat Cat’s parole and/or prevent him from proceeding with the pending parole violation. I was part of his initial defense team to contest these charges which ultimately were proven to be untrue. Unfortunately, Pappy Mason was convicted of a gun charge around the same time that Fat Cat Nichols was convicted of drug charges and in apparent retaliation ordered the execution of young rookie police officer Edward Byrne which triggered federal investigations and prosecutions and the demise of both his and Fat Cat’s empire.

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