People v. Adrian A.

1) People v. ADRIAN  A. (JURY TRIAL)

Charges: Robbery and Burglary in the First Degree

Court:  Supreme Court Queens County (Hon. Robert Kohm, J.S.C.)

Prosecution Case: Eyewitness identification by victim of a violent robbery/push-in burglary who was a police employee (trained 911 operator) who testified that she was 100% certain that client was one of the perpetrators and previously identified client in a photographic and lineup identification procedure

Defense Case: Involved a thorough cross-examination of the eyewitness and police witnesses; the presentation of an alibi defense supported by the extraction of relevant information from subpoenaed telephone records and corroborated by witnesses (to establish ownership of cell phone by client) and linked to Cell Tower evidence with prepared maps and coordinates (to establish the whereabouts of the client at the time of the robbery).  Both Jerry Grant and Nancy Franklin testified for the defense as expert witnesses in the fields of the dynamics of mobile telephones and cell tower forensics and the inherent weaknesses of eyewitness testimony.