Criminal Defense Results: People v. Asim S.

People v. ASIM S. (JURY TRIAL) 

Court: Supreme Court Queens County (Hon. Michael Aloise, J.S.C.)

Charge: Robbery in Second Degree

Prosecution Case: The victim of a savage robbery/assault testified and identified my client in court at trial as one of the perpetrators, with him being 100% certain of his identification. He also previously identified the client at what was claimed to be a confirmatory photographic identification procedure and in court at a prior Wade Hearing. He also testified that he had seen my client in the neighborhood previously and identified two rings that were stolen from him and which were in the client’s possession the next day.

Defense Case: Involved a thorough Cross-examination of the eyewitness and police witnesses to challenge the reliability of the identification and to elicit the possible or likely backdating of police reports. The client and his mother also testified and presented an uncorroborated alibi.

Verdict: Not Guilty on all counts