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With over 33 years of trial and appellate experience,
Queens Criminal Defense Lawyer, Victor Knapp is the
well-known and respected lawyer you need on your side.


DUI / DWI Charges

Being charged with driving while intoxicated or impaired by alcohol or drugs (including marijuana) can be incredibly frightening, costly and inconvenient at best.

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Domestic Violence

If you or a loved one have been charged with any sort of domestic offense you know that these offenses carry severe penalties and possible life-altering consequences.

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Drug Charges

Although considered non-violent crimes, convictions for drug offenses can have a devastating impact upon your life. The effect can damage all aspects of your life.

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Weapons Charges

New York weapons laws are some of the strictest in the nation. Getting caught without a proper carry license can be devastating for your friends and family.

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Delivering Results that Matter

No matter how simple or complex and challenging your case might be, rest assured that I will fully assess and analyze the available facts, exposure and possible defenses. For over thirty years, I have worked diligently to defend against pending or potential charges for my clients. Read below about some of my more high-profile results.

NOT GUILTY: Robbery and Burglary in the First Degree

Eyewitness identification by victim of a violent robbery/push-in burglary who was a police employee (trained 911 operator) who testified that she was 100% certain that client was one of the perpetrators and previously identified client in a photographic and lineup identification procedure. Client was found not guilty of all counts.

NOT GUILTY: Robbery in Second Degree

The victim of a savage robbery/assault testified and identified my client in court at trial as one of the perpetrators, with him being 100% certain of his identification. He also previously identified the client at what was claimed to be a confirmatory photographic identification procedure and in court at a prior Wade Hearing. He also testified that he had seen my client in the neighborhood previously and identified two rings that were stolen from him and which were in the client’s possession the next day. Client was found not guilty of all counts.

CASE DISMISSED: Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Second Degree

Anonymous call to 911 operator reporting a male with yellow shirt and blue shorts at a sidewalk location threatening a woman with a gun. The police arrive within 3 minutes and observe my client (wearing yellow shirt and blue shorts) standing next to a woman on the sidewalk. Police approach and allegedly observe a gun sticking out of the client’s waistband. The police grab the client, put him against the wall and recover the weapon from his waistband. The client\’s case was dismissed.

NO JAIL TIME: Driving While Intoxicated as a Felony

After 1 year of tedious litigation and negotiations in the face of a strong prosecution recommendation of upstate jail time for my client who had 3 prior convictions (including a prior felony DWI conviction where he had already received a 5 year probation sentence), I was able to advocate for and negotiate a plea to a second felony DWI with straight probation (no jail). The client also had a pending Violation of Probation in Suffolk County as a result of his new arrest and I was able to convince that Court to restore him to probation. The client received no jail time.

NOT GUILTY: Grand Larceny and Criminal Possession of Stolen Property

The complainant testified that the client utilized strong arm tactics to sell his CDs to him and took money from him without his consent. The defense called one witness to testify as to the client’s connection to the music world as an artist/producer and the dynamics of creating a “buzz” on the streets for a new artist by the self- promotion of one’s own music. Otherwise, the defense relied upon cross-examination of the complainant to undermine his accuracy of the details reported. The client was found not guilty on all counts.

RELEASED FROM PAROLE: Murder in the Second Degree

Client was convicted at the age of 19 of participating in two brutal felony (robbery) murders involving two separate store robberies in 1980. He was originally sentenced to an indefinite term of imprisonment of from fifteen (15) years to life. After being denied nine separate times for parole release and after serving 33 years in jail, the client’s family retained me to advocate for his release. Citing the recent changes to the Executive Law and the Division of Parole’s regulations pertaining to the proper focus for release consideration, we were able to establish to the Board’s satisfaction that the client no longer posed a substantial risk to the community and was not likely to violate the conditions of his release. He has been released to live with his family.

What Happens if You Are Arrested?

Having an attorney acting on your behalf in the minutes after your arrest is the best possible strategy to preserve your rights. Once you’re in police custody, I can provide the following essential services. If you choose to speak to the authorities without a criminal defense attorney present, it can result in the police gaining additional evidence against you. Don't go it alone.

Arrest Process

In the minutes after your arrest it's critical you contact your attorney.

The Arraignment

A judicial officer reviews your allegations, charges, and whether you should be released.

Pre-Grand Jury

The counsel can request a conference to discuss the case and early resolutions.

The Grand Jury

A neutral body of jurors review the evidence submitted and possibly warrant an Indictment.

Are you currently involved in a NYC Arrest or Arraignment? Learn more about the process here

About Queens Criminal Defense Lawyer, Victor Knapp, Esq. I have more than 33 years of experience providing aggressive legal representation for the people of Queens and the New York City area. I have worked with thousands of adult and juvenile clients facing a wide variety of misdemeanor and felony charges, including complex and high-profile cases. Some of my legal achievements have received media coverage, such as my representation in the Howard Beach riots case, and have also been as cited as precedent-setting cases reported in legal journals and casebooks. I bring the same tenacity to every case I handle, taking a strategic approach to address each and every matter as comprehensively and effectively as possible. I understand that even the smallest criminal matter is critically important to my clients and their families, because during this difficult time, you deserve the support and compassion of an experienced criminal defense attorney who will work tirelessly to fight your charges and protect your rights. The legal community knows the name, Victor Knapp as a respected Criminal Defense Lawyer especially in the practice areas involving; Drug charges: * Possession, Sale or Trafficking of Controlled Substances (Penal Law Article 220) * Possession, Sale or Trafficking of Marijuana (Penal Law Article 221) * Conspiracy Charges (Penal Law Article 100) *  Search Warrants *  Eavesdropping (Wiretaps) Warrants   DWI/DUI: *  Driving While Intoxicated (Vehicle & Traffic Law 1192(2) & (3)) *  Driving While Impaired by Alcohol or Drugs (Vehicle & Traffic Law 1192(1) & (4)) *  DMV Safety and Refusal Hearings *  Car Forfeitures *  Hardship and Conditional Licenses   DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: *  Assault Charges (Penal Law Article 120) *  Obstruction of Breathing / Choking Charges *  Endangering the Welfare of a Child (Penal Law 260.10) *  Contempt Charges based on violations of an Order of Protection   WEAPONS / FIREARMS: *  Criminal Possession of a Weapon (Penal Law Article 265) *  Illegal Search & Seizure / Suppression of Physical Evidence *   Search Warrants /  Stop & Frisk / Car Stops   VIOLENT CRIMES: *  Homicide / Murder / Manslaughter Charges (Penal Law Article 125) *  Robbery / Burglary Charges (Penal Law Articles 160 & 140) *  Sexual Offenses (Penal Law Article 135)   NON-VIOLENT CRIMES: *  Larceny / Fraud Charges *  Internet Crimes   VIOLATIONS OF PROBATION / PAROLE: *  New Arrests *  Technical Violations *  Absconders   My office is located in Kew Gardens, Queens, and I represent clients throughout New York City, including Jamaica, Forest Hills, Bayside, Woodside, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights,  Queens Village, Bellerose, Fresh Meadows, Glendale, Richmond Hill, Ozone Park, Glen Oaks, Howard Beach, Middle Village, Ridgewood, Long Island City, as well as other communities in the counties of Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island, including  Nassau County, Suffolk County and on Long Island. Whether you are in need of a criminal defense lawyer for drug possession, DWI, assault, domestic violence, or another charge, I am available 24 hours a day to help get your life back on track. To set up your confidential legal consultation, call today at (718) 263-9000.

In The Press

As their families wept, three youths were convicted last night of second-degree riot in the Howard Beach racial attack in which one man died. A fourth defendant was acquitted. … When Jury foreman Jose Terazas read the verdict exonerating Saggese, the youth hugged his attorney, Victor Knapp. His father and Farino’s embraced.

Stewart Ain and Joseph McNamara - Daily News Writers