From Arrest to Arraignment

From Arrest to Arraignment

Perhaps you already know the value of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Even more important is to know the point in a criminal investigation or prosecution when it is best for the target or subject of the investigation or arrest to seek out the best legal representation possible. In most cases, timely involvement by an experienced lawyer can have a drastic impact on the outcome of your case. The Law Offices of Victor Knapp wants to give every individual and their loved ones the essential legal services they need to achieve favorable results. If you don’t know when to call Mr. Knapp or his top legal team, here is a brief overview of the process.

The best time to have legal representation is immediately after you are arrested. If you’re the subject of a pending investigation, the best time to get counsel is even before you are arrested. At the critical stage of the proceedings between arrest and arraignment, you need an attorney to provide the following services to prevent any additional evidence being brought against you.

These services include:

  1. You need a lawyer to notify law enforcement, at the state or federal level that you are being represented by a criminal defense attorney and should not be questioned unless he or she is present. This will prevent your statements, admissions, or confessions from being used against you.
  2. Your attorney will also notify law enforcement that his presence is required for identification procedures such as a lineup. Your counsel’s presence will afford you a professional advisor during difficult circumstances, and guarantee the fairness, transparency, and accuracy of the reporting of the viewer’s responses to the police.
  3. Having a lawyer at this stage will help make sure you are brought before a judge and arraigned as efficiently as possible. Additionally, your attorney will notify the District Attorney’s office that you have legal representation and should not be questioned.

Do not leave your future to chance. If you choose to wait and see what happens before hiring a criminal defense attorney, you risk putting yourself at the will of the prosecutors and the law enforcement agency. The Law Offices of Victor Knapp has their clients’ best interests in mind at every stage in the process, and are eager to intervene in the early stages in their hard-hitting effort to obtain the most favorable outcome possible for your case. Don’t wait! Call (718) 263-9000 now.