How much of Gender Identification and Sexual Preferences are based on “Trend”?

June 26, 2022by Admin0

Criminal Defense Lawyer, Queens New York blogs about if Gender Identification is “trendy”?


I have to admit, I too have came across that meme that made me stop and laugh, followed by the embarrassing realization that I’ve stopped in the middle of the sidewalk chucking after reading this meme while people are walking past me wondering, “What is wrong with this guy? Must be a lawyer!”.  Some of these memes are pure genius.  I remember the one a while back that read, “In the past, you had to be somebody in order to be famous.  Now, as long as you are famous people think you’re somebody”.

This brings me to the topic of “Trend”.  In the past, people took pride in being an individual.  I remember when women would throw a fit if they showed up at an event and saw another woman wearing the same outfit, or had the same hairstyle.  Now, I see everyone from age 13 to 33 looking and dressing alike.  Seems like the younger you are the closer you are to looking EXACTLY like the person next to you. I’m finding it a bit shocking that today people care so much about, “Tend” as opposed to being an individual. Is something “trendy” because it’s a good thing, or is it that people are so bored (and are boring), do they hate their actual self so much, or they feel so out of place if they are not following a trend, or is it that now the latest “trend” is a significant part of their life?  Which makes me think a little deeper about the topic Bill Maher spoke about in his monologue (available on YouTube).

Bill Maher Suggests Kids Are Becoming LGBTQ Because It’s “Hip” On ‘Real Time’.

Now let me be clear, I celebrate being in an age that allows us to be open, to respect, to be able to seek information, and to be accepted for our differences. There is nothing more devastating to a human soul than to be “in the closet”.  Whether it is hiding an eating disorder, or identifications such as race, gender or religion no one must be afraid or ashamed of a choice they have made about themselves, or are struggling about it with themselves.  But we must also look at how much someone is willing to change about themselves or their body, or their identification, simply because they want to escape their own life just to fit into another because it’s trendy.

Don’t change who you are if you’re doing it to follow a trend.  Change yourself because you want to be a better version of yourself, whoever that maybe. Respect others, but above all, respect yourself.

I would love to read your (polite and well-written) response.

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