Long Island DUI Arrest Reveals Serial Past

Long Island DUI Arrest Reveals Serial Past

A man arrested in Long Island for DUI will probably want to get a very good Long Island DUI attorney now that it has come to light that his driver’s license has been suspended on 23 separate occasions. Kurt Knoernschild, 53, ran a red light last week in Long Island, and when the police ran his driver’s license after pulling him over, they discovered that it was suspended. They also learned that it had been suspended a total of 23 times. Knoernschild was also booked on a DUI charge, which was also not a first-time occurrence for him. He has faced DUI charges on six previous occasions. Eleven other times, he was stopped for DWI but refused BAC testing.

Serial offenders such as Kurt Knoernschild can make it difficult for others who are arrested on DUI charges in Long Island. When stories such as his go public, the police, DAs, and judges can sometimes feel added pressure to increase arrests and convictions. This means that it is extremely important that you have an aggressive and experienced Long Island DUI attorney working on your behalf if you are arrested for DUI or DWI. Having an experienced Long Island DUI attorney like Victor Knapp can make the difference between being able to maintain your freedom and reputation or spending the rest of your life with a DUI conviction on your record. Do not let the criminal justice system make an example of you and your DUI; get the help of Long Island DUI attorney Victor Knapp now before the situation gets any worse.

New York Attorney Victor Knapp is a seasoned Long Island DUI attorney who for 30 years has been fighting diligently for the rights of his clients. Victor Knapp believes in open communication with his clients and will keep you informed at every step of the New York criminal process. He makes sure he is available to address your concerns, and he will involve you in the dynamics and strategies of your case. He will meticulously review the prosecution’s evidence, bringing in expert testimony if necessary. Contact Victor Knapp today at 718.263.9000 or www.victorknapp.com.

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