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Caught with an Unlicensed Weapon charge in New York

Weapons offenses especially those involving unlicensed loaded firearms are extremely serious in the state of New York.  Whether a charge is related to illegal possession, purchase, sale, or use, the likely consequences of a conviction can lead to years of incarceration followed by post-release supervision.  In addition to the immediate consequences of a prison sentence and other penalties, former offenders unfortunately find that they are often haunted by their record for years to come.

The overwhelming majority of employers, landlords and even educational institutions conduct background checks on prospective tenants and employees, and a criminal history could prevent you from being accepted into a certain community or school, or from being hired to work in certain positions. These charges do not simply have an immediate impact on you and then disappear — convictions can have repercussions that extend far into the future, damaging personal and professional relationships and opportunities for years to come.

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With all the recent daily shootings reported in the news, New York City is very serious about “cracking down” on the possession and use of firearms and other dangerous items. As a result, the majority of firearm offenses are classified as felonies. Felony offenses carry extremely harsh punishments and can negatively impact the rest of your life. When so much is riding on the line, you need to protect your rights with the support of a dedicated, aggressive lawyer.

Queens weapons charges attorney Victor Knapp has more than 40 years of experience handling thousands of criminal cases throughout New York City and Long Island. No matter how overwhelming or complex your case may seem there are clear-cut solutions that can offer you a chance at a reduced sentence.

Illegal Possession of a Firearm in New York

Most people assume only guns can lead to arrests and convictions. While it is true that many of these charges do relate to firearms, other dangerous items can also get you into legal trouble.

Under Article 265 of the New York Penal Code, all of the following objects can be considered weapons:

  • Firearms
  • Imitation Pistol
  • Gravity Knives
  • Razors
  • Stun Guns
  • Switchblade Knives
  • Cane Swords
  • Billy Clubs, Blackjacks
  • Metal or Plastic Knuckles
  • Chuka Sticks
  • Kung Fu Stars
  • Metal Knuckle Knives
  • Pilum Ballistic Knives
  • Antique Firearms
  • Machine Guns
  • Rifles or Shotguns with prior criminal record
  • Any dangerous instrument with intent to use unlawfully

Unlicensed Possession of a Firearm in New York Airport

Criminal Possession of a Firearm

  • Class: E Felony
  • Sentence: 4 years

Criminal Possession of a Loaded Firearm

  • Class C violent felony
  • Mandatory sentence range: 3.5 to 15 years

Criminal Weapons Possession in General

  • This charge can range from 4th Degree (Class A Misdemeanor) to 1st Degree (Class B Violent Felony) depending on the details involved.
    • Minimum Class: A Misdemeanor
    • Potential Maximum Sentence: 1 year
    • Maximum Class: B Violent Felony
    • Potential Maximum Sentence: 25 years
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Let’s get your future back on track and see what we need to do to get things started.  Remember that Mr. Victor Knapp has been in private practice as a criminal defense lawyer since 1981, and has offices directly across the street from the Criminal Courthouse in Kew Gardens, New York. He has successfully represented thousands of persons, including high profile targets, accused or suspected of committing drug offenses throughout his legal career during the investigatory, arraignment, conference, Grand Jury, Pre-trial suppression, trial and post-conviction stages. He practices throughout the New York areas and he is available 24/7 for emergencies as well as for all state cases on Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and Westchester / upstate New York and for federal cases nationwide.

You need an experienced lawyer to handle the complexities of Illegal Weapons Charge, Unlicensed Firearm La Guardia Airport.  Attorney Victor Knapp is here to serve you. With offices conveniently located in Kew Gardens, the practice is uniquely situated to serve clients in Queens, Brooklyn, Long Island, and the five-borough area. To arrange for a private case evaluation, call (718) 263-9000 at any time or day or night. You can also contact us online.

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