Queens, NY White Collar Criminal Defense Attorney

White-collar crime isn’t a term that refers to a specific offense that a person can be charged with under New York or federal criminal law. Rather it is a catch-all term that covers all crimes that involve intentional dishonesty to advance a plot or scheme that enriches the person or causes financial damage to another. Because the types of crimes included as white collar crimes is so broad, the punishments also often vary widely. However one element about white collar crimes that hold true across them all is that because they involve accusation of dishonesty, they can great impact your future and even prevent you from pursuing certain actions or career opportunities.

In any instance where you have been charged with a misdemeanor of felony white collar crime, experienced criminal defense can provide perspective and an aggressive defense of your rights. Victor Knapp, P.A., provides experienced, knowledgeable and strategic criminal defense representation in Queens, NY. If you have been accused of a white color crime in Queens or the surrounding boroughs, we offer a free initial consultation to review your case and determine if my representation would be a good match.

Understanding the Types of White Collar Crimes

Because white collar crimes are often grouped together, people often don’t understand what each individual crime is. The types of white collar crimes that may be charged under New York or federal law include:

  • RICO charges – RICO or the anti-racketeering law offers both civil and criminal causes of action. Rather than punishing the actual instances of fraud or abuse, it is focus on holding the leader of an organization accountable for the things he or she allegedly ordered or commanded. RICO provides a federal prosecutor with numerous legal tools including the authority to move for a pre-trial freeze of your assets.
  • Money laundering – Though it is accomplished through many methods the aim of money laundering is always the same legitimatize the ill-gotten gains of an illegal enterprise. Typically this crime is accomplished through an ostensibly legitimate business and fraudulent accounting.
  • Securities fraud – It is unlawful to make misrepresentations regarding a company’s finances to investors or federal auditors. Likewise, circulating information known to be false to manipulate the price of a stock or commodity is prohibited.
  • Insurance fraud – These days it seems like every business is trying to find ways to reduce costs. Eliminating fraudulent insurance claims including overbilling and billing for services not rendered is certainly a laudable cause. However in some instance insurance companies are overzealous leading to the pursuit of people who made a mistake or were victims of bad circumstances.
  • Medicare fraud – As one of the largest medical insurers in the United States many people come into regular contact with this insurance company. The difference here is that this one is part of the federal government. Charges of Medicare fraud should be handled by an experienced and knowledgeable white collar crimes attorney.

The above charges only scratch the surface on the broad-array of white collar crime charges that exists. We can provide representation in many other white collar defense situations including: wire fraud, mail fraud, Internet fraud, credit card fraud, forgery, and social security fraud.

Strategic and Aggressive Represenation

If you have been charged with a white collar crime like fraud, put my criminal defense experience to work for you. For more than 30 years Victor Knapp has protected the rights of the accused in Queens, NY and in the surrounding boroughs.  If you are facing serious charges, before you do anything else, call an experienced criminal defense attorney like Victor Knapp, Esq. Call (718) 263-9000 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or contact us online to request a complimentary initial consultation.