Queens, NY Drug Charges Attorney

Although considered non-violent crimes, convictions for drug offenses can have a devastating impact upon your life. The effect can damage your employment prospects, erase your good name and put your family and friends through no end of hardship as they share the burden of your decisions. Imagine having to go through life with the following roadblocks keeping you from success and continued prosperity:

See Victor Knapp featured on the BET Special “American Gangster – Fat Cat Nichols”

Victor featured on the BET Special “American Gangster – Fat Cat Nichols

  • Lengthy jail sentences (especially in the federal system)
  • Mandatory Deportation/Removability for non-citizens
  • Bars or impediments to future employment or licenses
  • Mandatory suspension of driving privileges
  • Denial of financial aid for students

 If you or a loved one is suspected or charged with a drug-related crime, you need to obtain the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Timely involvement in a case will allow for the immediate investigation of relevant facts, preservation of favorable evidence with the location of witnesses which will result in stronger bail applications at arraignment, more effective negotiations with prosecutors and more favorable results at pre-trial suppression hearings or trial. Call us today at (718) 263-9000.

Representing You at Every Level of the Judicial Process

Drug charges can be brought against you on local, state, and federal levels, so you will want to have as your advocate a criminal attorney in Queens who has successfully handled cases at every level of the judiciary process. With Victor Knapp, you have a criminal defense lawyer who has over three decades of experience in successfully representing clients charged with drug crimes and similar offenses. Regardless of the type or number of drug charges you are facing, you can depend on the commitment of criminal defense lawyer Victor Knapp to protect your rights throughout your case. The drug cases he and his law firm are prepared to defend, include:

  • Possession
  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Sale, Exchange or Delivery of a controlled substance
  • Manufacture of a controlled substance
  • Conspiracy with intent to distribute
  • Drug trafficking

The defense against drug charges can be complicated and normally involves detailed analysis of all the underlying facts including the manner in which evidence was obtained.  Many cases have been dismissed based upon an illegal search and seizure by law enforcement agents of persons, automobiles and locations owned or leased by our previous clients. Early intervention by counsel increases the strength of one’s defense and ability to attack (or request the preclusion of) any illegally obtained evidence.

If You Have Been Charged with Drug Possession, Distribution, or Manufacturing

Whether you are charged with one offense or multiple drug crimes, your criminal defense attorney, Victor Knapp, will tenaciously pursue the best possible outcome for your case. In some instances, your defense lawyer will be able to get the charges against you dropped altogether, and in other situations, a lesser charge can be negotiated. Even if your case goes to trial, you can depend upon Mr. Knapp and his law firm to work vigorously for your best interests throughout each phases of courtroom proceedings.

Aggressive Legal Help is What Matters Most

Victor Knapp has been in private practice as a criminal defense lawyer since 1981, and has offices directly across the street from the Criminal Courthouse in Kew Gardens, New York. He has successfully represented thousands of persons, including high profile targets, accused or suspected of committing drug offenses throughout his legal career during the investigatory, arraignment, conference, Grand Jury, Pre-trial suppression, trial and post-conviction stages. He practices throughout the New York areas and he is available 24/7 for emergencies as well as for all state cases on Long Island, Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan and Westchester/ upstate New York and for federal cases nationwide.