Criminal Defense and Trial Results

Once you’re in the courtroom, the only thing that matters is your attorney’s legal skill and the experience he has at trial. You’re in the midst of the most important legal battle of your life; did you make the right choice? Victor Knapp has more than 30 years advocating for the accused backing him, and his aggressive tactics have achieved acquittals and dismissed charges for many of his clients.

Here’s just a sample of the results Victor has achieved for his clients, including some prominent names that have garnered national media attention throughout the years. Knapp remains dedicated to giving every client the strongest possible legal defense.

Howard Beach Trial

The Howard Beach Trial was a landmark decision in New York for its experimental dual jury approach. The attacks, reportedly racially motivated, resulting in criminal rioting charges against four youths… Read More

Howard "Pappy" Mason

Mason, an alleged associate of reported drug kingpin Lorenzo “Fat Cat” Nichols, was falsely accused in the murder of Queens Parole Officer Brian Rooney. Victor Knapp was deeply involved in defending Mason from charges stemming… Read More

Lorenzo "Fat Cat" Nichols

Ringleader of one of the most sophisticated drug operations in New York City history, Nichols is the subject of multiple documentaries. As one of his attorneys, Victor Knapp appeared as a guest legal commentator… Read More 

NOT GUILTY: Robbery and Burglary in the First Degree

Charged with robbery and burglary in the first degree, the prosecution presented eye witnesses that placed Victor Knapp’s client at the crime scene. Knapp was able to discredit testimony using… Read More

NOT GUILTY: Criminal Possession of a Firearm

Charged with criminal possession of a firearm, Victor Knapp’s client faced eye witness testimony from undercover police officers and the weapon recovered from the scene. At trial, Knapp attacked defense assertions using 911 tapes… Read More

Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff and Gerald "Prince" Miller

As members of the reputed New York drug ring, THE SUPREME TEAM, Miller and McGriff faced multiple criminal charges and parole violation hearings throughout their career. Victor Knapp represented both Miller and McGriff… Read More

CHARGES DISMISSED: Family Court Fact Finding Hearing

Family Court matters are often contentious battles involving heated arguments from all sides. Victor Knapp is noted for his aggressive but measured approach to legal defense, maintaining a cool head under pressure to achieve the best results for his clients… Read More

SUPREME COURT VICTORY: Dismissal of Complaint

Civil claims matters require meticulous attention to detail and case preparation. Victor Knapp was able to provide much-needed legal assistance by arguing based on existing case law and regulations…Read More

NOT GUILTY: Weapons Charges

Legal defense often requires perseverance and resilience in the courtroom. After successfully representing his client by winning an acquittal, Victor Knapp continues to recover his client’s property…Read More

RELEASED: Successful Parole Application

After being convicted for two counts of Murder in the Second Degree and sentenced to 15 years to life in prison, Roger was denied parole nine consecutive times. After his family retained Victor Knapp, he immediately went to work pointing out the Parole Board’s errors… Read More

Parole Violation Challenges

When a criminal defense attorney is able to set legal precedent for his clients, everyone in the justice system benefits. That’s exactly what Victor Knapp did when he argued on behalf of Reginald Robertson… Read More

NOT GUILTY: Robbery in the Second Degree

A victim of a brutal assault and robbery identified Victor Knapp’s client as the perpetrator; an accusation that led to a jury trial. Knapp was able to bring police reports and even eye witness testimony into question.. Read More

NOT GUILTY: Attempted Murder, Assault in the First Degree

Facing multiple criminal charges for attempting to evade a bridge toll and dragging an attendant 200 feet, Victor Knapp’s client stood to spend decades behind bars if convicted. Through the use of expert medical testimony and arguments in summation Knapp… Read More


Preparing for a criminal trial requires an attention to detail virtually unparalleled in the justice system. After a rigorous litigation process, and despite pressure from the prosecution requiring a lengthy jail sentence, Victor Knapp was able to secure a favorable plea for his client… Read More 

RIPPED FROM THE HEADLINES: Case as Basis for Law & Order Episode

If you need an attorney comfortable handling high profile clients and cases, Victor Knapp has great experience in this area. His client, James Stone, accused in the murder of a deliveryman, became the basis for a Law & Order episode… Read More

NOT GUILTY: Grand Larceny, Criminal Possession of Stolen Property

When a prosecutor oversteps their bounds by charging someone with crimes they simply could not have committed, an aggressive criminal defense lawyer is all that stands between the accused and a lengthy prison sentence. Victor Knapp’s client, accused of grand larceny, faced just that fate… Read More

FAVORABLE PLEA DISPOSITION: Criminal Enterprise Corruption (RICO)

Accused of multiple felony counts, including criminal enterprise corruption and money laundering, Victor Knapp’s client stood to receive a maximum term of life in prison if convicted. Despite his indictment, Knapp successfully negotiated… Read More

CHARGES DISMISSED: Criminal Weapons Possession

Suppression of evidence in a criminal matter can make all the difference in weakening the prosecution’s case and obtaining a dismissal of charges. Victor Knapp’s client, Kevin W., was charged with criminal weapon possession until Knapp successfully argued… Read More

LANDMARK RULING: Precedent setting case for DUI charges in New York

In this matter, Victor Knapp convinced N.Y.State’s highest court to set new standards surrounding the weight to be given to breath and blood samples collected in DWI cases… Read More

FAVORABLE PLEA DISPOSITION: Felony Driving while Intoxicated

Prior convictions can work against someone accused of a crime in the way a prosecutor treats the case. Despite Knapp’s client having multiple prior convictions for DWI, Knapp negotiated a favorable plea that allowed his client to avoid… Read More

FAVORABLE PLEA DISPOSITION: Multiple Felony Burglary Charges

Limiting the years you spend behind bars is one of the most important jobs a criminal defense attorney. Despite his client having four previous convictions, and facing seven new charges, Victor Knapp successfully… Read More

REDUCED SENTENCE: Probation Violation Hearing

With extensive experience in Queens County Court, Victor Knapp has keen insight into the criminal justice process and is able to advocate for his clients with experience in mind. In the matter of Sharab Ramlall, Knapp succeeded in reducing… Read More