Criminal Defense Results: People v. J.S.

People v J.S. (Favorable Plea Disposition) 

Charges: Vehicular Assault (serious physical injuries), DWI, Leaving Scene of Accident

Court: Supreme Court Queens County

Disposition: After timely and intensive investigation conducted by my office leading to the recovery of videotape and witness interviews, a disposition involving no jail time (despite earlier demands by the prosecution for a substantial jail sentence) was obtained.


People v. J.S. ( JURY TRIAL )

Charges: Rioting in the First Degree

Court: Supreme Court Queens County (Hon. Thomas Demakos, J.S.C.)

Result: Client was found Not Guilty ( )  after a 2 month jury trial as well as one and one half years of litigation involving discovery and suppression hearings (to address admissions made by the client and co-defendants). This highly publicized case highlighted racial tensions in Queens County, the first appearance of television cameras in the courtroom in New York and the experiment of conducting a dual jury trial with two separate juries.