The Arrest and Arraignment Process in Queens

After the initial shock has dissipated, the time following your arrest are likely to be some of the most difficult times in your life. You have plenty to worry about; from potential jail time to fines, the potential penalties for crimes allegedly committed in Queens and New York can be harsh. Representation by a respected and experienced criminal defense attorney can help you protect your right and keep you out of jail. Additionally, an attorney who is familiar with the criminal process, including arraignment where your charges are read to you, can explain the steps you will take in the future and whatnot can expect.

Some people may think that their criminal matter isn’t serious enough to warrant a lawyer because they heard that they could just pay a fine. Paying a fine is better than going to jail, but if the prosecutor is willing to reduce the charges so quickly, perhaps there was merit in negotiating further or, with an experienced criminal lawyer’s representation, be in the position to take the matter to trial. After all, even the “good deal” of paying a fine can require you to plead guilty. Pleading guilty means that, in most cases, you will have a criminal record. Unfortunately today most major corporations and large businesses perform criminal background checks meaning, it’s typically in your best interest to avoid a criminal record. Victor Knapp, Esq. can defend your rights and negotiate with the prosecutor. If a satisfactory resolution cannot be reached, he is always prepared to bring his client’s matter to trial.

Defending your Rights throughout the Arrest and Arraignment Process

Having an attorney acting on your behalf in the minutes after your arrest can be a powerful strategy to preserve your rights. Once you’re in police custody, a New York defense lawyer can provide the following essential services and results that, if ignored, can immediately result in the acquisition of additional evidence against you:

  • Notification to the law enforcement agency (state or federal authorities) that the person arrested is in fact represented by counsel and should not be questioned without counsel being present. This alone can prevent a client’s statements, admissions or confession from being able to be used against him/her;
  • Notification that counsel wishes to be present at any identification procedure sought to be conducted such as at a lineup. Counsel’s presence at any such lineup can be tremendously valuable as an advisor and more importantly, as a witness to ensure both the fairness of the presentation and the accuracy of the reporting of the viewer’s responses to the police.
  • Ensuring that the person arrested is brought before a judge and arraigned in a timely fashion. Again, an experienced attorney can notify the District Attorney’s Office that the client is represented by counsel and should not be interrogated. In the event that a person has not been arraigned in a timely fashion (generally within 24 hours from the time of arrest), counsel can facilitate the arraignment by filing a Writ of Habeas Corpus in Court (which will usually prompt and expedite the paperwork involved in setting up the arraignment) .

Being arrested and facing criminal penalties can be particularly nerve-wracking. Victor Knapp, Esp. can protect your rights and freedom while explaining the entire process to you. With more than 33 years of experience, Victor Knapp, Esq. is experienced in a broad-array of criminal defense matters. Serving Queens and the surrounding area, you can contact me any time – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call (718) 263-9000 or contact me online to set up a free and confidential case evaluation.

This page has explained the things that an experienced criminal defense attorney can do for you. In the following pages, Victor Knapp, Esq. provides detailed information about each step of the NYC arrest process:

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