When Should You Call a DUI Attorney?

When Should You Call a DUI Attorney?

The ideal time, if possible, to secure your a DUI attorney is immediately following the arrest, on the street. That’s because you want the most aggressive and tenacious DUI attorney representation and counsel before law enforcement authorities request you to submit to urinalysis or other forms of testing that can be used in court as strong evidence against you.

Your Long Island DUI attorney can quickly ascertain the particulars of your situation and advise you of the best course of action when it comes to either submitting to or refusing such tests of drug ingestion or blood alcohol level. In addition, having your DUI attorney in close proximity to you here in Long Island means that your DUI attorney can immediately go to work on constructing your defense and investigating whether you actually were impaired or under the influence during your operation of your vehicle and whether law enforcement officials demonstrated reasonable cause for stopping your vehicle and arresting you.

A seasoned Long Island DUI attorney like Victor Knapp, who has successfully argued the accuracy of blood alcohol test results before the New York Court of Appeals, is ideally equipped to come to your aid during the bewilderment and confusion, not to mention feelings of shame that you might experience at a DUI arrest. In addition, when you make Victor Knapp your Long Island DUI attorney, he can also work on a means of potentially retaining or regaining your driving privileges and/or helping you obtain a conditional license so that, during the period leading up to the ultimate outcome of your case, you can maximize the time you can still spend behind the wheel. Allow Victor Knapp, your Long Island DUI attorney, to drive your case to the best potential outcome for you.

Queens DUI attorney Victor Knapp is a seasoned New York criminal defense lawyer, who for 30 years, has been fighting diligently for the rights of his clients. Victor Knapp believes in open communication with his clients and will keep you informed at every step of the New York criminal process. He makes sure he is available to address your concerns, and he will involve you in the dynamics and strategies of your case. He will meticulously review the prosecution’s evidence, bringing in expert testimony if necessary. Contact Victor Knapp today at 718.263.9000 or via the web at www.victorknapp.com.

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